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Dr. Jack Shepard seen on the far right of the Group Photo of Italy's Democrats Abroad Delegation to the 2000 Global Democratic Convention in Paris for Al Gore for President.

Police crowd control Ferguson,

Missouri or Baghdad

Saint John Paul II blessing Dr. Jack Shepard

for his Middle East Peace Efforts and his work for equality for all!

It's 2 Score and 11 Years since Dr. Martin Luther King’s delivered his

"I have a Dream Speech”

           1)   The Bank of Justice is still bankrupt for Blacks today in our inner cities. (remaining impoverished).

 2) Blacks in America are expected to and must to vote  

so their concerns will be heard.

They are given in return a bad check; a check which has come back marked "insufficient funds."

 Jack has had many shared experiences with members of the Black and Hispanic Communities.

Jack knows that there are no re-entry programs for ex-offenders & very few support programs for ex-offenders & these are mostly run by Church Groups.

We need legislation to offer employers who hire ex-offenders massive tax breaks; so much so that when employers look to hire employees they would be literally looking to first to hire ex-offenders first as much to give then a real 2nd chance; as to get at least 2 years of massive tax advantages these new employers would receive for hiring an ex-offender.

Under the present system on average about 2/3 of released offenders will return to prison within 2 years because after being released,

they can not find work because being a felon no one will hire them, because they lack job skills, for non-violent offenders if elected President I will create a National Work Training Release Program Agency to teach job skills to ex-offenders upon release " training in computers, wood working, metal working, High School degrees etc.!

Sadly for the American Taxpayer each offender who returns to prison costs the American taxpayer $32,000 a year.

Jack's way is the better way, the ex-offender gets work and pays taxes and the taxpayers of America save 10's Billions of dollars, the cost of placing mostly non-violent Black and Hispanic Prisoners in Prison.