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This is the Declassification of Jack Shepard’s

Special “Iraqi Security Report”

If my report was immediately implemented, it would have stopped the creation of ISIS if it was implememented by President George W. Bush; immediately sfter the surger ended in 2007; ISIS would not have been created!

I, the undersigned Jack Shepard have “Declassified my Special Report,” which I sent to General Gates (cc. President..Roves..) Email attached) during the final months of the “Surge” oppression for immediate implementation on December 29, 2007.  It can and must be used today September 19, 2016 with guaranteed success of removing ISIS from Iraq and Syria.

In synthesis: This was then and it is still valid now and NOW is the time to implemement it immediately.


After leading us into war under false pretenses, the Bush administration dug us a deep hole in Iraq.

The litany of mistakes is endless:

·The failure to send enough troops
 The botched De-Ba'athification to remove the Ba’ath Party’s influence in the new Iraqi Political System
· The refusal to stop looting in the aftermath of the invasion
· The firing of the Iraqi army (essentially telling hundreds of thousands of young   Iraqi men, “You’re fired, get out of here, we’re not going to pay you, and take your weapons with you!”)
· The Republican Congress’s refusal to complete any oversight of the war

Norm Coleman, in his role as chairman of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, didn’t even hold a single hearing about the contracting by Halliburton and other corporations. Meanwhile, waste, fraud, and the misappropriation of billions of dollars torpedoed the reconstruction of Iraq. Every dollar that didn’t go towards reestablishing electricity and water, taking care of the sewage, and putting Iraqis to work, alienated the population and fueled the insurgency, reducing a difficult mission to impossible status and sending the country into total chaos.

Where I stand

I firmly believe it’s time to depart Iraq because USA troops have served magnificently. Moreover, even General Petraeus stated that military action alone cannot fix Iraq.

It’s been clear for years that this war was a serious blunder. Furthermore mistake after mistake has been made in conducting combat. And in my books, on my radio show, and all over the country, I’ve been speaking out for years about this sad, tragic disaster. Now it’s time for all of us to come to terms with the truth about the situation in Iraq.

There is no reason to believe that the Maliki Government is able, or even willing to meet the political benchmarks necessary to make progress in Iraq:

·Devising a fair plan to share oil revenues among ethnic groups
·Reversing the disastrous De-Baathification
 Putting Sunnis back to work
·Engaging and eliminating sectarian death squads
·Starting a reconciliation process to defuse sectarian tensions.

Conversely, there is every reason to believe that the Maliki Government just wants USA troops to remain in order to consolidate their power. Our troops should not be in a position to fulfill this wish.

The best way to convince the Iraqi Government that we’re withdrawing is to actually start retreating. I support the immediate return of our troops to the USA. However, our withdrawal should not be precipitous. Instead, we should have a national conversation about the best way to complete our disengagement. We should put more thought and have a better strategy for pulling out than we had for entry.   
The time to start is NOW

At the same time, we should be convening a regional conference inclusive of Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, and Egypt, for the purpose of devising a long-term plan for Iraq that will ensure a regional conflict does not arise. Jordan and Syria have over a million Iraqi refugees.
Nobody wants Iraq to continue to dive into its present utter chaos, as it has done since the Bush administration because it is incapable of initiating regional diplomacy. 

  "A pre-emptive attack on Iraq, endangering and killing Iraqi civilians will result in an immediate Humanitarian Emergency. The risks of a pre-emptive strike are greater than the risks which the Japanese Government took when it decided to Bomb the American Military and civilians at Pearl Harbor."

Statement of warning against a pre-emptive attack on Iraq:

After the current surge of American soldiers is completed, I think there is a good chance the USA can return a significant number of troops stateside. it will happen.  

Like it or not because of  on going secular infighting in Iraq together with the fact that at this point the Iraqi Forces are not prepared to guarantee that they would not be immediately overwhelmed by the insurgence if our American coalition.

As we have seem President George W. Bush’s plans for abandoning Iraq were implemented “as soon as possible”. And it guaranteed a haven for terrorism on Iraqi soil.

We must work at all costs to prevent Iraq from becoming a Radical Islam Terrorist State in the heart of the Middle East. I am saying this for over 25 years. Why—because my vast Middle East Experience as a Senior Veteran American Service Officer working on the ground gave me significant insights. I was not seated at a desk reading reports or surrounded by an uninformed staff of political advisors telling me who and how I should slander opponents to get elected President, advisors who never spoke of what was best for America and citizens and our allies in the Middle East. We need serious changes. 

I still have access and will use four major staging areas in Iraq:

I have acquired much more valuable information that what is contained in reports via years of working with and often visiting Iraq, Iran, Israel, Jordan, and Syria.

I, the undersigned, Jack Shepard, as a write-in candidate for the President of the United States am saying read my lips, “The lost of Iraq to the Radical Fundamentalist Insurgents Movement is creating a base for terrorism to grow and spread. If not stopped now, they could easily destroy or over-throw the Governments of Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and our other ally’s in the Region.”

Once the surge operation is completed, I would call for the return stateside to families and jobs of 100% of the American National Guard and Reserve Units now deployed in Iraq.

Our American Nation Guard and Reserve Units have performed with such excellence that I would especially honor them by building a special memorial in Washington. “The sacrifices they and their families endured when they answered the call to serve in Iraq will never be forgotten.”

Our American Nation Guard and Reserve Units’ loyalty, bravery and their professionalism to do an extraordinary job will never are forgotten.  The redeployment of a limited number of our troops to relatively safe areas is so very important, even if there is no on the ground combat. They guarantee that Iraq will never be turned into a haven for the seeding and expansion of terrorism.

If I am elected President via a write-in Vote on November 8, 2016 I will not be asking, but demanding from our Muslim allies, assuming they wish our continued American protection and our sustained generous financial support, and unrelenting access to the latest American military equipment, I will send special Muslim units to Iraq to work with our rapid responding military forces, thus taking a much more active role in training and working with the new growing Iraqi military.

This leaves the opportunity to redeploy the remaining American Troops to more secure bases to be used as a rapid strike force in support of the Iraqi military and the Iraqi police whenever the Iraqi Government calls for our help in limited joint actions.

I have been on record as advising against a 100% return stateside of our soldiers. After this present surge is completed it would be unthinkable and of little if any benefit.

I know as a soldier that we must have a limited number of American troops stationed in Iraqi bases, to be trained as quick reaction troops that could be called in by the Iraqi Government to aid in specific actions of our choice.

This is not Vietnam-- the Vietnamese were never a threat to America or our allies. Iraq, however, controlled by terrorists, presents a lethal threat for the USA and our allies in the Middle East: consequently, they must be removed. 

The truth must be understood.  If these insurgents gain control of the Iraq Government, they will use Iraq not only as a staging area to attack but as a potential means to gain control of our allies in the Middle East-- Israel, Jordan, Egypt and

Like it or not we have a long term commitment to stay in Iraq, even if we are seldom called upon to fight the Iraqi insurgents. Nevertheless, we must remain in the background as a massive and lethal threat to guarantee 100% against the formation of a terrorist state in Iraq. It will happen we allow the insurgents to win.

My redeployment of US troops to relatively safe areas is of vital importance even if not instructed to fight in support of the Iraqi troops.

My planned major redeployment of American troops would get the major part of our troops off the streets and out of harm’s way.   The less the Iraqi people see of our troops the more the Iraqi government can work to cool tensions between the Sunni’s and the Shiites.

Troops will be placed in four staging areas to fulfill the role of rapid responders in immediate support of the Iraqi Police Force and the Iraqi Military who will immediately take over all contact and ground work with the Iraqi population.

No longer will our American troops be the target of Foreign Arab fighters, snipers and suicide bombers who presently are rushing to Iraq to kill Americans.

No longer will our American troops be routinely walking the streets of Baghdad or any other city as easy targets for any sniper driving by or any suicide bomber casing the area.

When US troops are deployed to support the Iraqi military it will be for a quick hit and run attack with a lightning speed. The insurgents will not even know what hit them. We will shift to an overwhelming use of force concentration in a specific small concentrated area to gain maximum results.   Our troops will not be exposed like sitting ducks.

These four major staging areas in Iraq are:

Staging Area #1- Baghdad’s International Airport
Staging Area #2-  AB- near Al-Nasiriyah in the South
Staging Area #3- H-1 an airstrip in the western desert
Staging Area #4- Bashur Airfield located in Central Iraq approximately 356 kilometers North of Baghdad, & 50 kilometers Northeast of Erbil. Even though it appears as a small civilian airport we have reinforced its 6,700 foot long single runway.

I am advising that American troops will not walk the streets in any regular pattern. I repeat—first, we will place our troops in a much safer situation, and second as a result of my redeployment plan our American troops will suffer less causalities. They will however, be available at a moment’s notice to support the Iraqi troops.

We are in Iraq, and will prevent a mass civil war in the Middle East Region with less and we have much less catastrophes. This is a major shift in present policy, but a successful strategy to follow after the surge.