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Jack Shepard's Active Duty USAF Military Military I.D. Card with a date of expiration Indefinite, Notarized and Authenticated by the U.S. Consul in Rome, in 2013.

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Jack Shepard's Military Documents

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The Russians would laugh if a dumb Trump Staffer would try to give them advice!

  • The Russian Government for decades has been the world’s leader in Cyber warfare. They are so professional they would laugh if any unprofessional Trump staffer tried to tell them what to do. It is estimated the Russian Government currently has more than one million highly trained programmers, hackers and cyber security specialist. What possible use to Russian Cyber warfare could Donald Trump Jr. Be??

It would be as if I; Jack Shepard told Usian "lightning" Bolt how to do something, he would laugh and say, "Jack I don't need your advice I'm already the fastest human in the world."

Jack Edward Shepard's commission, when I volunteered to join the USAF while still at the University of Minnesota and was accepted as a First Lieutenant in the USAF Reserves; at the height of the Tet offensive and as my service in USAF is listed above, is to continue in force during the pleasure of the President of the United States of America.