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Bernie Legalizes Marijuana American Voters

will say No! American Voters not ready!

No Bernie not a whole generation lost to pot!

Loses Presidential election 100%

Future President Jack Shepard  with military experience

Click >to see Donald Trump's Military Record

below Donald is practicing his war games.

Bernie " Pot Head" Sanders



F.E.C. Candidate I:D: # P80004021

Future Secretary of State, Barack Obama would be America's best at a time of war +8 years experience in White House! Barack you are too young to retire America needs your talents in the White House!

Jack a " Military Specialist" Shepard

The winning 2016 Dream Team Of Politics for America's Future

Cowardly Draft Dodging Liar- a PIN HEAD!

A Pin Head is one who lacks the intelligence of the "normal" sector of the human population;

Jack Shepard get elected because: The most important issue is National Security! Jack Shepard is the only candidate that volunteered for military service with 30 years of Middle East Experience to destroy ISIS; #1 National danger!

America needs it's 1st Jewish President with military training

& decades of Middle East Experience to defeat ISIS!


Future Vice President Joe Biden

YOU ELECT JACK SHEPARD this will never happen again, I will reform the Justice System and give all people especially Black back their 4TH Amendment rights.

I will give all ex-offenders the right to vote, then maybe someone other than myself will care about the worst year of Police killing and mistreating Blacks since 1970!

What is a Veteran; "for sure it is not Donald Trump"!

Where does Trump hide on Veterans days?

Un-electable Hillary Clinton facing

4 Federal indictments = 20 year in prison

 Her Husband was only 2nd President to be impeached!

We are all equal under the Law; Hillary especially!!!

To contact Dr. Jack Shepard; 

to volunteer, to help America because

you are sick of Racism and sick of such a dysfunctional Republican Controlled U.S. House & Senate who:

Let the budget sequestration reduce our American Military strength to a such very dangerous low level!!

Please email me at:

Click> Dr.J.EdwardShepard@JackShepard.net

President Obama think about it; I,  Dr. Jack Shepard "wish and give you permission

President Obama have my Active Duty USAF Military Status declassified

Which would enable me to return home to run in the Democratic Primaries for President with Joe Biden as my Vice President.

Hillary Clinton has many fatal problems like "emailgate,"  soon Hillary could be indicted by the FBI because she used her office to advance Blumenthal's business interest in Libya for Financial Gains, which will be revealed in the next release of her unsecure emails she tried to hide & erase think, without me in the Presidential Race destroys the Democratic Party and gives the Presidency to Donald Trump.

Click>Newly disclosed emails mean more trouble for Hillary

Click to read letter>Inhis letter to Cummings, Gowdy also revealed that many of the emails in question involve Sid Blumenthal.  Gowdy’s letter is correct, the latest batch of emails suggests that Clinton used her office to advance Blumenthal’s business interests in Libya. 

 Which would make Hillary Clinton a Felon! It also shows that she both received and sent (on her private server) an email that revealed the identity of a CIA source in Libya. Finally, it thereby confirms that, contrary to her insistence, she used the private server to send out classified information.

PLEASE President Obama you can't gamble with the future of our Democratic Party; you just can not leave the future of our Democratic Party to only one Nationally unpopular Presidential Candidate named Hillary Clinton who most American consider a dishonest Liar!

Please honor my request for our sake of our Democratic Party, and for the sake of your legacy and declassify my Active Duty USAF Service. It is very obvious when I was issued an Active Duty USAF Military I.D. with the date for expiration indefinite, we all know I started as a Dentist, but after my second swearing in then I was a lifer.

Donald Trump, would destroy Hillary Clinton in the Presidential debates

while, I,  Jack Shepard can easily destroy Donald "Cowardly Draft Dodging Liar" Trump

in the presidential debates and if elected the first Jewish President.

I will immediately work with very closely with Israel for a much needed a long lasting Middle East Peace.