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Donald Trump's U.S. Draft records

from the U.S. Selective Service; in 1966 he was 1A but in 1968 when his draft board called him to active duty; Donald Trump got a Doctor to write a fake letter to say he was unfit for military service to change his  1-A in 7/9/1968 to a 1-Y ( 4-F) in 10/15/1968.

He was too important to risk his life for his country. So he got a doctor to write a letter to change his 1966 1A to change his  1-A in 7/9/1968 to a 1-Y ( 4-F) in 10/15/1968, because he had the doctor write he had a sore foot, which never interfered with him being a Champion Football and Basketball player "pictured above" until my Draft Board called him to go to Vietnam. " so call Trump a Coward that's the just the kind of guy he is; but he promises he is no coward to send thousands of your son's and daughter's to die fighting ISIS, no matter how many it may takes! Trump's friends already jokingly call him Commander-in-Coward

Donald "Cowardly Draft Dodging Liar" Trump

Donald Trump was a champion Basketball and Football player in High School and College in the center standing and siting in the first row of his championship basketball team in the center.

Donal Trump was a "Cowardly draft dodging liar";

Donald Trump "like all the other rich kids"  was a coward to risk his life of his country "

and now the spineless SOB wishes to be "healthiest" President"

Donald trump was scare defend America by caring a rifle and walk through a rice paddy in Vietnam, during the Vietnam War.

When his draft board call for him to come in, after finishing school coward Trump got a doctor's to write a letter that he was unfit for military service, so he could dodge the Vietnam War Draft; like many rich cowards and let 55,000 brave American died in Vietnam, many with much worse conditions but brave men who were not cowards!

While very rich Trump played basketball and golf at the club to dodge the bullet!

 Not like very brave President  Kennedy who literally had to fight to get into the military;

that's the difference between a  "HERO" and a coward.

Then  when a reporter asks Trump why he did not go to Vietnam Donald Trump said as a good lair that he had a high draft number but when he got call to go to Vietnam after 4 school Deferments in 1968, the same PERIOD I volunteered to join the United States Air Force reserves until I graduated the University of Minnesota; and

I , Jack Shepard went on Active Duty as a Captain on July 4, 1970 at Sheppard AFB.

Facts are Donald Trump first when asked by a reporter why he did not fight in the Vietnam War, his first answer was he had a high draft number;  is the draft numbers did not come in to being until 1969- sorry Coward Trump you are also a liar too! You were call to go to Vietnam in 1968 and only your fake doctors letter that changes your Draft status from 1A in 1966 to 4-F unfit to serve. One year after the draft board call Donald Trump to go to Vietnam  the Draft number came into being

That's weak 6 foot 5 inch Trump standing in the center holding the Championship Basketball- just look at DONALD TRUMP

it is obvious HE could not care a rifle walking through a rice paddy in Vietnam, but he could be the Healthiest man to running for President?

where someone may have shot or God forbid even killed HIM-right!

OBVIOUSLY6 foot  5 inch Donald Trump is & was a COWARD