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What is a Veteran; "for sure it is not Donald Trump"!

Is America ready for a Jewish President?

I, Dr. Jack Shepard "wish and give permission that President Obama have my Active Duty USAF Military Status declassified.

Then I can run in the Democratic Primaries for President, because obviously Hillary Clinton has so many problems &

Hillary is polling Nationally as Dishonest Liar;

Hillary could never defeat Donald Trump,

but, I  Jack Shepard can easily defeat

Donald "Cowardly Draft Dodging Liar" Trump!

 Hillary Clinton's  can not defeat Donald Trump because the fact that Trump is, at heart, a provocateur -- a needler. He's someone who not only enjoys getting under people's skin but is uniquely able to find the one or two things that can really do it; with his name calling dumb, moron, stupid, weak etc. By finding that weak spot or insecurity, Trump  can get the other person off of his game. Trump is a genius at this! He knows how to attack problems and solve them. Never underestimate The Donald. Donald Trump and His Name Calling: Why hasn't it Backfired; Trump has mastered the art of bluster, which was effective on The Apprentice and seem even more effective in politics. Trump unpleasant and undignified statements about others are remember by the viewers; and it is true that Donald Trump isn't one to shy away from confrontation.Trump knows if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. Example before the election who would ever think of Jeb Bush are a low energy guy; but everyone does now and he is just about out of the race. Clinton will have a big problem confronting Trump because she will always be on the defensive, that's why either candidate can not attack Trump; when all they are doing is defending their selves, like what would Hillary answer after Trump said, "A lot of people find Donald Trump refreshing, punctuating his hyperbole with cheap insults hurled at anyone who challenges him "Stupid" and "Loser" are the adjectives he is most prone to use, directed at men and women with distinguished careers especially Hillary Clinton, he has deemed her "the worst . Trump went on, “Hillary Clinton was the worst secretary of State in the history of the United States." ... "There's never been a secretary of state so bad as Hillary. The world blew up around us, we lost everything, including all relationships.

Hillary Clinton does  not have anything to attack Donald Trump; there is nothing at all, that is why Hillary Clinton will  flamed out in the General Election and Donald Trump will be our next President and will destroy Obamacare and most likely attack Iran Donald trump will get under Hilliary's skin calling her, a liar, a moron, Idiot, the worst Secretary of State ever, etc. and it is sad but Donald's reality T.V. style debate" NAME CALLING" attacks have destroyed every good Republican Presidential contender, Viciously. Hillary would stand a chance, trump will make he look like a idiot, who would think his attack on Jeb Bush as low energy would stick? The Apprentice is an American reality game show hosted by real estate magnate, businessman and television personality Donald Trump.Each episode typically ended with Trump eliminating one of the contestants with the words, "You're fired" (which has become a locution of the program and Trump. There were a combined 14 seasons of Trump's Apprentice. Trump has had
185 of episodes of the Apprentice, so he is so experienced in Destroying people by labeling them name, idiot, weak, moron, the worst etc. attacking Trump  as all the Republican Presidential candidates found out impossible, and even back fired because them Trump went after them worst- and they dropped in points- HILLARY HAS TO FACE IT DONALD TRUMP IS A VERY POPULAR TELEVISION PERSONALITY WITH 185 EPISODES OF THE APPRENTICE and185 live practice debates, name calling and insulting people; he just can not wait to say Hillary Clinton you are FIRED!

So destroying candidates or people with name calling attacks Donald Trump is a professional at; Hillary Clinton has so many things to attack and has never had a debate against such a cruel heartless naming person "candidate" as Donald trump trump whose only goal is to literal destroy that person on :Attack Donald Trump with what he comeback with attack massacred every Republican Candidate for President , and they are now in single digit while Donald Trump is topping 30% an all time high in the polls, and the truth from the minute he got into the President race for the Republican nomination; his polling has only gotten high and high last month he climbed 4% for example


I, Dr. Jack Shepard literally am the only Democratic Candidate for President; if President Obama as I asked him and which I gave permission to have my Active Duty USAF Military Status declassified; who can easily defeat Donald " Cowardly Draft Dodging Liar"  Trump at his own name calling game, watch me destroy Donald! If President Obama has my Active Duty USAF Military Status declassified; I can defeat Donald Trump and win the election for myself, and Greatest Vice President Joe Biden and God willing my offer of Secretary of State to President Barack Obama will be accepted see www.shepardbiden.com 

At a time of so many wars it not safe for the safety of America to  change administrations to a radical Republican Administration; one who promises more wars in Syria and Iran and even either let Israel attack Iran or permit American Military Troops to join Israel in attacking Iran; look at the disastrous results of the last Republican President George W. Bush's war and his unilateral invasion of Iraq to remove Saddam from power. Saddam was Never a danger to America, in fact Saddam was the counter-balance that while in power keep Iran in place. That is a Democratic dream team, with more experience then any other Presidential Administration in history as we come into office. Joe Biden goes back to his old office, he knowledge of the present world situation is to valuable to waste; and with President Obama working in the Executive Office as my Secretary of State, also his vast knowledge of the present situation, and his years of personal friendship of every world leader is too valuable to waste at this a time where America's very safety and future is in danger, as will I greatly value his advice. I, will use my decades of military experience to rapidly increase America's military strength to a point that our homeland is safe, and our NATO allies will have a much stronger America Military to depend on!

I will demand that the U.S. Congress eliminate the sequester immediately or I will Rule by Presidential Decree when it concerns increasing of number of American Military Troops immediately; when it comes to the safety of our American Homeland, I will give our children a future of safety in these dangerous times! I will immediate start re-hiring American Troops and open bases closed recently all forced to be released because of the sequester and to immediately strengthen our military until our dysfunctional Republican can eliminate the sequester.


I, Dr. Jack Shepard I will full fill Dr. King's Dream of Equality for all. I only can accomplished this as America's next Democratic President; so have I filled my papers with the F.E.C.

This would enable me to run in the Democratic Primaries for President, because  Hillary Clinton can't possible defeat Donald Trump,and only Jack Shepard can easily defeat Donald Trump by truthfully calling him: Donald "Cowardly Draft Dodging Liar" Trump call Donald Trump a “Cowardly draft dodging Liar" I know he will explode and lose his attack name calling  techniques and I will easily be elected the next Democratic President with Joe Biden as my Vice President and God willing President Obama as my Secretary of State! Even Wallace, who interviewed Trump late last week and aired portions of the interview on his show Sunday, said he finds himself feeling differently now. “As I watched that interview and I heard what he had to say . . . I am beginning to believe he could be elected president of the United States,” he said. People believe "Everything Trump touches turns to gold.” Trump is a genius. He knows how to attack problems and solve them. As I said when Trump entered the race, never underestimate The Donald.  So it does not matter who the Democratic nominee is Hillary or Biden, they have nothing at all to attack Trump with, while because of their long time as politician Trump has hundreds of things to attack them with , and the average vote in this election don't like politicians, insiders.I, Jack Shepard if President Obama has my Active Duty USAF Military Status declassified; literally the only Democratic Candidate Trump can not attack because I have not been a politician, but I volunteered in 1968 to join the USAF Reserves and went on Active Duty on July 4, 1970 at Sheppard AFB aif President Obama declassifies my Active Duty Donald Trumps run for President is finished, he was a cowardly draft dodging liar, after 4 deferments for school;he was classified in 1966 IA fit to serve, but when Donald Trump finished school his Draft Board called Donald Trump so he had ran to an expensive doctor to write a letter that he had a bone spur, to bring with him to Draft Board- so they re-classified him from IA in 1966 to unfit to serve, then a reporter asked him why he did not serve in Vietnam he said he had a high draft number, but Draft numbers started in 1969 so Trump is a liar, his doctors letter changed him from IA to unfit to service, that was the real reason Donald Trump is a Cowardly Draft Dodging Liar! Click> all to see original story

While many many poor people served and died in Vietnam with much worst medical problems then Trump's high paid doctor said he had but they could not afford a expensive important doctor to write them a letter.


That makes me; Dr. Jack Shepard, who volunteered for the USAF while still in at the University of Minnesota, who served in the U.S. Reserves until I graduated in 1970 and when a on Active duty with the rank of Captain on July 4, 1970 at Sheppard AFB. at the height of the Tet Offensive in 1968, the same year Cowardly Donald Trump got a doctors letter to have his 1A fit for Duty in 1966 changed in 1968 to unfit to serve in the military!

I can only pray that President Obama declassifies my Active Duty Military Service so I can run in the Democratic Primaries  https://www.jackshepard.net/jack-shepard-active-duty-usaf-documents.html with for expiration date of indefinite" BI need my military Service Record to be declassified. Then I would be the only Democratic Presidential Candidate who can easily defeat Donald Trump, and become the next Democratic President with Joe Biden as my V.P.  by attacking Donald Trump's only weakness,

"his Achilles tendon"  Donald Trump is and was a Cowardly Draft Dodging Liar!

Which would enable me to save President Obama's Legacy from the Republican promised destruction, and God wiling prevent the Republican President Candidates promise to attack Iran which could cost millions of lives and endanger our American Homeland with the sequester, we do not have money to secure our borders. God only knows how many sleeper cell of ISIS or other radical Islamic Terrorist are presently already in America?

Click> to see Donald Trump's U.S. Draft records from the U.S. Selective Service

Donald Trump’s U.S. Draft records from the U.S. Selective Service which means I am the only candidate who can defeat genius, multi-Billionaire popular Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump easily because he was a Cowardly Draft Dodging Liar!

Which most Americans would consider Donald Trump being a "Cowardly Draft Dodging Liar" a worse act then: being a military deserter, which is the abandonment of a duty or post without permission (a pass, liberty or leave) and is done with the intention of not returning.

Every Democrat knows NO American would ever vote for a (COWARDLY TRUMP) a person too chicken to go to Vietnam and even tried to cover it up by lying to a reporter why he did not go to Vietnam War, Donald Trump said he had a high draft Number, but Donald Trump was called in 1968 and the draft Number stared in 1969.

I, Jack Shepard say, " If Donald Trump lies once, how can you believe anything Trump promises, he promises the American Voter what they wish to hear, but never explains how he is going to do it, and in the debates he a needler;" so he does not have to explain anything: 

Trump does not debate he name calls, 

Trump has called Lindsey Graham an "idiot,

Trump mocked Rick Perry's glasses,

Trumpsaid  Jeb Bush has low energy and got in 9/11 so no more Bushes;

Click here to see:Donald Trump's U.S. Draft records from the U.S. Selective Service

Regarding the  establishment Politicians, Limbaugh with Trump, needler and getting them off their game he noted, “They don’t know which way is up anymore. They don’t know what’s up. They don’t know what’s down. They don’t know what’s sideways. They are just totally bamboozled and confused. Trump will confuse, name call either Hillary or Biden so they will be on the defensive, with nothing to attack on Trump the genius, who what even he touches turns to Gold;  while myself Dr. Jack Shepard can as a retiring USAF General on Dec. 11, 2015 can attack Donald Trump  "Cowardly Draft Dodging Liar" Trump; no patriot American would every vote for Trump once they knew Donald Trump was a Cowardly Draft Dodging Liar!

American respect our soldiers who died defending our country with honor who give their last  sacrifice, their life  to defend America and hate cowardly chickens who got false letters to be changed from in 1966 IA to 4w in 1968 which Donald Trump did when he was called by his draft in 1968, the same year 1968 when I volunteered for the USAF Reserves while even still in College and when on Active Duty after graduation on July 4, 1970 at Sheppard AFB on July 4, 1970, where I was sworn in and given my Active Duty USAF Military I.D. Card with for expiration date indefinite  because I received many Military loans and scholarships to paid for my D.D.S. and B.S. degrees from the University of Minnesota. When called by his draft Board in 1968  Donald Trump cared with him a letter from an expensive doctor saying he had a bone spur, so Donald Trump an All Star Football and Basketball player in both High School and College could not carry a rifle in a rice paddy in Vietnam, but lived the high life of a very rich kid while other poor soldier without money to get expensive letter from doctors with much worse conditions died in the Vietnam war.

What is a Veteran for sure it's not Donald Trump!  I,Dr. Jack Shepard "wish and give permission that President Obama have my Active Duty USAF Military Status declassified; have my Active Duty USAF Military Status declassified.

This would enable me to run in the Democratic Primaries for President, because neither Hillary Clinton nor Joe Biden can defeat Donald Trump,and only Jack Shepard can easily defeat

Donald "Cowardly Draft Dodging Liar" Trump so I can use it in the Presidential Campaign to can attack and easily defeat Donald Trump, no American Voter is going to vote for an all star champion in High School and College Football and Basketball player who was a coward to defend his country l caring a rifle through a rice paddy.

President Obama this 2016 election is so very important to World Peace please declassify my Active Duty Military USAF Military Service  so I can enter the Democratic Primaries

I say let the American Voters decide.

So, my military service as an undercover Active Duty USAF Officer for 3/4 of my life can be made public which would enable me to run in the Democratic Primary for President of the United States, as the only Presidential candidate with decades of military experience "especially in the Middle East"  from either party, it is literally mandatory that our next commander-in-chief has military training to be able to defend Americans at home and abroad. 

Professional Politicians like Hillary Clinton or Businessman like Donald Trump; God help us if any of them are elected do not even have a basic understanding of the Middle East, the players, their goals and how to through Dialogue end this Syrian Conflict which has flooded Europe with Millions of Refugees, left over 5 Syrian million refugees homeless and has killed over 300,000 Syrians and this Syrian conflict will if this is not resolved very soon some possibly destroy an ready weak European Economy in to default.

I, Jack Shepard am the only  American Presidential candidate, who is very concerned that the millions of Syrian refugees. presently entering Europe could drive Europe and NATO into Bankrupt!

I, Jack Shepard with my decades of Military Experience thank God in the Middle East know how to end this Syrian conflict;  Especially to save Europe who has it's own economic problems in it's recession. The other candidates really have no knowledge of the world and seem to not wish to help our allies, which goes against every Treaty we have with them; nor any of the present American Presidential candidates even understanding of how to end this Syrian conflict before it destroys every NATO country.

They all lack of military experience! They all lack even a basic understanding of how Wars are fought, their election will place America in great danger; with so many conflicts presently raging in the Middle East, Africa and the Eastern Europe; the next American President must have Military experience!

It is  urgent for the Democratic Party that I, Dr. Jack Shepard have my Active Duty Military service declassified so I can also enter the Democratic Party Primary because presently it looks like Hillary Clinton is Un-electable at a National Level " Hillary's negative polling ratings have been dropping dramatically especially the last 2 months and their is no reason to think that this will not continue the nearer we get to the Presidential Election presently most American Voters view Hillary Clinton as being dishonest and untrustworthy.

You can read in the above newspaper story. Emails Suggest Clinton Pushed Libyan Business Interests of Off-the-Books Adviser Clinton shared classified identity of CIA source, Gowdy reveals in scathing letter to top Benghazi committee Dem, and the election is still over one year away but then she could be under federal indictment. Other stories even getting worse, FBI finding hundreds of classified emails that Hillary Clinton did not give the Benghazi committee but tried to erase, which is a federal crime.

Don't think about Bernie Sanders (all his did was be an actor to support Hillary in a fake "Debate" he said enough about those emails, but did he know in her Emails was the name of a CIA Officer working in Libya?

In the debates Donald Trump will go for her jugular vein and Donald will call Hilliary ever name in the book;  corrupt, idiot, lair, miserable, the worst, Incompetent  and Un-electable you name it Hilliary has to much political bagage to get re-elected.  entered the race for the Democratic nomination for President it would destroy the future of the Democratic Party.

So if you wish a Democratic President in 2018 with Military Experience to keep all Americans at home and abroad safe;  I, Jack Shepard am your only candidate who can win on a National Level if President Obama has my Active Duty Military Status declassified.

If President Obama has my Active Duty USAF military status declassified, being I volunteered, at the height of the Tet offensive for the Vietnam War in 1968; while at the same year Donald Trump had his 1966 1A, military status changed by a letter from a doctor to 4F unfit for military service.

I know that I can easily defeat Donald "Coward Draft Dodger" Trump to make America a safer place, by immediately strengthen our military.

No American Voter would ever elect Donald Trump when I attack him in our debates calling it like it is Donald Trump which is the truth you are "A Cowardly Draft Dodging Liar" the American Voters will never elect Donald Trump if I win the Democratic Primary because I Jack Shepard with decades of military experience " including over 30 years of military experience in the Middle East" can be commander-in-chief from day one as President while if God Forbid Republican Donald Trump is elected as President I he only can be called Commander-in-coward.

To learn more about President Shepard's Administration please visit www.shepardbiden.com

I will have the 2 most experienced and talented people in America on my team the day I take office.

I pray the President Obama will immediately become my Secretary of State;

which is legal under the 22 Amendment with his vast knowledge and 8 years of personal contact and friendship with almost every world leader it is so urgently important that his great talent and knowledge do not go to waste in this time  so many major conflicts and refugee problems all over the world.

 I ask President Obama to have my military records declassified,  my military serve as an undercover officer in the USAF is made public which would enable me to run in the Democratic Primary for President of the United States; as the only Democratic candidate  who  volunteered for the Vietnam War; Hillary Clinton is a girl who is has dropped so far in the polls that Donald Trump is leading her in some polls by between 10 and 20%,making it literal impossible for her beat Donald Trump and become our next United States President. 


"Let the American Voters decide if I am worthy"

Most important is I am the only Democratic candidate that did not ask for a military medical deferment from serving my country during the Vietnam War.

I even volunteered for the Active Duty in the USAF, and on Feb. 18, 1970 became a Reserve Officer as a First Lieutenant in the USAF; and on July 4, 1970 when on Active Duty with the rank of Captain a Sheppard USAF Base at the height of the Tet Offensive during the Vietnam War; so that makes me the only Democratic candidate who is able to attack Donald "Draft Dodger" Trump for being a coward by getting 5 deferment so he would not have to server in the United States Military 4 for being in school and a 5th for a medical deferment that he had a doctor write a letter that he had a could not serve. But On July 9, 1968, his local draft board had scrawled a “1A” beside his name in its handwritten ledger, classifying him as available for unrestricted military service!

  When Trump registered for the draft at 18 in 1964, he had just  graduated from the New York Military Academy in Cornwall, he could be a  football and basketball star but was a coward. The fact that Trump was called for a physical within months after graduating indicates that there was a very real threat of him being drafted Fordham University and the University of Pennsylvania. With his diploma in hand and his college days over, he was suddenly vulnerable to conscription so he get a family doctor to write him a letter that got him a medical deferment.

 I pray America gets a Democratic President, if America elects a Republican President in 2016 he will 100% destroy President Obama's legacy!

Very very sadly as things stand today Hillary Clinton as our only Democratic President Candidate is seeing headlines from Rasmussen Reports like: Hillary Meter Drops Dramatically and Should Hillary Clinton Suspend Her Campaign? & 63% Think Hillary Clinton May Have Helped Foreign Donors As Secretary of State? Trump is the Odds-On Favorite US Voters by 50% to 38% trust Trump more than Clinton to handle the Economy & Job creation. Being The Economy is #1 issue next to National Security this make it 100% impossible that Hillary Clinton will get elected by defeating Donald trump.Even even Snowden said Hillary was crazy to think her illegal private email server was secure, any ordinary State Department, or even CIA worker would be prosecuted. The Polls say most American Voters think Hilliary is not Honest nor Trustworthy Her vast lead shrunken. Presently their is a Full-scale Democratic freak because FBI A-team is investigating Hillary for possible violation the Espionage Act Democrats have no bench of candidates, that is why I pray President Obama  declassifies  my Military Serve because the Democratic Party does not have one candidate who could possible easily beat Donald Trump as a American who was willing to give is life to defend America; no soldier in the our Army Forces could ever look up to a coward and for sure never call Donald Trump commander-in-chief. They would more likely call Donald Trump Commander-in-Coward and never give him any respect because he was a coward not an American like every member of  the Armed Forces who is willing to give his life to protect our beautiful Untied States of America.



learn more below:

Trump insists that the decisive factor was his high number, Gets caught as a big coward and a bigger liar: The fact that Trump was called for a physical within months after graduating indicates that there was a very real threat of him being drafted — long before the December 1969 lottery

Donald Trump insists that the decisive factor he did not serve in Vietnam War was his high draft number, here he get's caught as a big coward and a bigger liar: Trump got called to go to Vietnam 1968, long before the December 1969 lottery

The real question is how Donald Trump stayed out of the draft for the nearly 18 months before.

Click > to see Donald Trump’s U.S. Draft records

from the U.S. Selective Service

Donald "Coward Draft Dodger" Trump is a Liar

A few weeks after his 22nd birthday, Donald Trump received a notice from the federal government. On July 9, 1968, his local draft board had scrawled a “1A” beside his name in its handwritten ledger, classifying him as available for unrestricted military service. For the previous four years, Trump had avoided the draft — and the possibility of being sent to fight in the Vietnam War — by obtaining four separate deferments so he could study at Fordham University and the University of Pennsylvania. With his diploma in hand and his college days over.

Trump was suddenly vulnerable to conscription. The fact that Trump was called for a physical within months after graduating indicates that there was a very real threat of him being drafted — long before the December 1969 lottery as he lied!  Any deferment was more than “minor” then. And one big question is whether Trump actively sought the deferment by bringing a letter from his own doctor to the physical citing the bone spur problem. Young men with access to friendly family physicians had this advantage at the time in dealing with draft physicals. Lower-income individuals, with no doctor but health issues bigger than bone spurs, found themselves approved for military service and were killed while Donald "Coward Draft Dodger" Trump Lived a rich man's life of comfort!

On July 9, 1968, his local draft board had scrawled a “1A” beside his name in its handwritten ledger, classifying him as available for unrestricted military service! When Trump registered for the draft at 18 in 1964, he had just  graduated from the New York Military Academy in Cornwall,where he played football and basketball.  His draft registration card lists him as being 6 feet 2 inches tall, weighing 180 pounds and having birthmarks on both heels. Almost immediately, as he enrolled at Fordham, he was granted the first of his four education deferments.

.Like politics itself, timing was everything in that crucial period of 1968 and 1969, when the Army was running out of volunteer replacements and more and more draftees were needed to man infantry units in Vietnam. Draftees represented an ever larger percentage of those Americans killed in action in 1968 and 1969, and college graduates born, like Trump, in 1946 or 1947 became a target for draft boards across the country. On July 9, 1968, his local draft board had scrawled a “1A” beside his name in its handwritten ledger, classifying him as available for unrestricted military service! We have to thank God that President Obama sees everything in the big picture, not like stupid Republicans and I say stupidest Republican President George W. Bush- “I think George W. Bush should be in prison personally from the Intel I have seen: To call Republican George W. Bush a President after death's of the over 4,000 brave soldiers all for nothing, and injuries of 10,000’s maybe 100,000's of America’s finest brave soldiers caused by his invasion of Iraqi all on false Intel George W. Bush created and paid for from fake informers and left the world a much more dangerous place for America and our allies, and the poor almost 2,000,000 killed in Iraqi all to give Iraq to Iran; because the Israeli Lobby wish to remove Saddam from power.

The Republican liars! They tell the American Voter this was all President Obama’s fault because he did not leave some American troops on the ground to keep training the Iraqi’s. I DEFEND PRESIDENT OBAMA 100%, BECAUSE IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO LEAVE EVEN 1 U.S. SOLDIER IN IRAQ WITHOUT IMMUNITY. The Simple Truth: President Obama is Too Intelligent for Republicans to Understand. President Obama said the biggest issue he faced when dealing with people was that he’d see things in a bigger scope that most Republicans simply couldn’t follow. While most Republicans tend to not see beyond a particular moment, day, week or even month, President Obama operated with a sense of “is what I’m doing now the best course of action to set me up for success not just now, but later on.

Take “Obamacare” for instance. It’s not a “fix health care today” law. In fact, the law itself is made to grow and evolve over time with Secretary of State Obama's help! My belief is that it’s a springboard to true socialized medicine.

Back to On Tuesday, Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks did not respond to written questions from The Washington Post about the discrepancy and declined to comment.  AMERICAN WILL NEVER ELECT  DONALD TRUMP A DRAFT DODGER TO BE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF, the military would have no respect for him! IF THE DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT OBAMA'S  declassifies my military service.


Even more important I have worked the Middle East for decades warned President Bush not to invade Iraq, after visiting Iraqi 5 times in 2001, was against the removal of Muammar al-Gaddafi which Hillary Clinton would not listen to our Intel or our Joint Chiefs of Staff not to do it, but for the Israeli lobby and their millions of dollars her was all in favor of it; and in her emails who donated to her campaign she was promising to get him a very money making position for his company of training the new Libyan Military

That what scares me the most about especially Hillary Clinton, if she can not protect Ambassador Stevens how can she protect America?

and any other Democratic Candidate for President they have no experience in the Middle East and just at  a time where America's very survival is at stake we need me, who is up to date by the hour of what is going on in the Middle East which is necessary to immediately increase our military and not close one base nor discharge one soldier like is presently happening politicians do not understand what is going on; just like after World War II, thank God America elected General  Eisenhower; I pray for America's survival America will elect Dr. Jack Shepard the first Jewish President in History; and for the evangelists I will be their  last chance to see world peace in our life time!

The choice of who to vote for President of the United States in 2016 is yours the American Voters, believe if the likely Republican Presidential Candidate is Donald Trump; he is today promising us that he will start a Nuclear World War III and attack Iran- to make the world safer? All Donald “Coward Draft Dodger” Trumps promised are all false misinformation about President Obama and his legacy.
Believe in God and work to save President Obama’s Legacy and vote for the only Democratic Candidate who cannot enter the 2016 President Race until  President Obama my military service declassified! Be if my military service is declassified I would be the only Democratic who could easily defeat Donald Trump and prevent Donald Trump from destroying President Obama's legacy and by cancelling Obamacare and God Forbid like the Republican letter to Iran attack them if they do not stop their complete Nuclear Program.
If I am ordered by President Obama, that-I can return to American before my retirement

and start campaign to let the American Voters get to know and trust me.

Dr. Jack Shepard 477-50-6932FV