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Donald Trump now leading Hillary Clinton among military and veteran voters by double digits, according to a new NBC/Survey Monkey poll.
The New Donald Trump attacker named  Jack Shepard, a Veteran American Service Officer, whose military service dates from his volunteering for active military service during the Vietnam War, and his group Vietnam Veterans for Truth, be the end of Donald Trump’s double digit lead with the military and veterans?

Jack Shepard has more than criticism about how did Donald Trump evaded the serving in the military during the Vietnam War.

Shepard is present critically attacking on Donald Trump on his record for not serving in the Vietnam War.

When it comes his Military Service Shepard said “it was the proudest moment in his life when he volunteered” while even still in College at the University of Minnesota to an Active Duty during the height of the Vietnam.

But Shepard’s words for Presidential Candidate Donald Trump are not so kind. Shepard was quoted as saying, “Donald Trump is a cowardly Draft Dodging Liar.”
Shepard even formed a group of other Vietnam Veterans he called them “The Vietnam Veterans for Justice about Donald Trump.”

Shepard says it is impossible that after 4 scholastic deferments when Trump found himself being called by his draft Board to go serve in the Vietnam War because he was suddenly reclassified 1-A.

Shepard said Trump was so scare of going to the Vietnam War he had his Physician created a false new condition that do not exist week before he was re-classified 1-A call a bone spur in one of his feet which never was heard before during his 4 years career as a 6 foot 3 inch, 203 lb. football and basket ball star now listed on the 4 deferments for scholastic reasons.

A bone spur has for treatment wear softer shoes, and being Trump doctor said that Trump never had any bone surgery in his life, which being the bone spur are presently not there make the whole story a cowards way to get out of the Draft illegally.

Shepard during the last month of Trump’s Presidential campaign is going to follow him around and talk on as many early morning T.V. to educate our brave military and veterans they can never back a coward who would not support them during the Vietnam War.

Shepard says it best; “Donald Trump Can never be Commander-in-Chief” he only can be if elected “Command-in-Coward.”

Shepard is just a Democratic write-in Presidential candidate, who hopes to use his status as a Veteran American Service Office who volunteered for Active Duty at the height of the Vietnam War to cut away a good percent of Trump’s military and Veteran supporters which in such a tight Presidential Election on Nov. 8; should turn the election around in Hillary Clinton’s favor, Shepard says what I am saying will resonate with the Independent Voter of America and will cost Trump the election if I am heard.

Jack Shepard a Veteran American Service Officer

Jack Edward Shepard's commission, when I volunteered to join the USAF while still at the University of Minnesota and was accepted as a First Lieutenant in the USAF Reserves; at the height of the Tet offensive and as my service in USAF is listed above, is to continue in force during the pleasure of the President of the United States of America.

Jack Shepard's Active Duty USAF Military Military I.D. Card with a date of expiration Indefinite, Notarized and Authenticated by the U.S. Consul in Rome, in 2013.