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Blacks are 11.5 times more likely to be convicted

for marijuana possession than Whites? WHY???. Unconstitutional Racial Profiling & Searches targeting Blacks

The long-term collateral costs escalate significantly.

  1. Such disparities strip the black communities of Wealth and Exacerbate Equity gaps for individuals and neighborhoods in communities of color.

Policing communities of color and seizure policies

that have incentivize volume over quality in drug arrests are major factors for the disparity.

This is one reason why we must start an honest discussion about reforming marijuana laws that includes full legalization. 

But considering that an equal number of whites and black smoke marijuana having 11.5 Blacks convicted for every one White  in Hennepin County ACLU.

This alone is reason enough to show why because of these circumstance, and many other reasons why we should fully legalize marijuana in Minnesota!  

Click to see complaint made by GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Jack Shepard to Eric Holder's Office

Even more important the legalization of marijuana would be a major economics  stimulus to our Minnesota economy!