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Dr. Jack Shepard to be the next

 Republican U.S. Senator from Minnesota

1) If your goals are his goals equality for all

2) Guarantee that every Americans 4 Amendment Rights are honored and protected.

3) My goals are to keep America safe by securing our borders from terrorists.

 4)  Massively increase the numbers of special counter-terrorism personal.

5) Immediate strengthen our  military until we are again the strongest Nation in the world!

"double the number of Navy Seals and other elite special forces"

6) The Creation of Massive Job Stimulation Programs for the unemployed and ex-offenders.

5) The creation of many other Government Programs to improve the quality of life for the All Americans. "business stimulation"

  6) Lifting the poor into the Middle Class.

  • Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You4:34

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