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Our National Security will be in constant threat of more and more Islamic Terrorist Attacks because of the Israeli lobby's strangle hold grip on our U.S. Middle East Policies, Aipac.org the Israeli Lobby demand unconditional support for all Israeli Government policies.

Why because the Israeli Lobby completely controls our PRESENT American U.S. Congress!

Until the Israeli control of our U.S. Congress is removed it is a very major threat to our National Security; and will motivate more and more Radical Islamic Terrorist Attacks on America; and with our Mexican Border still unsecured it would only take a few hundred ISILTerrorists with Plastic explosive to completely destroy many of America's most important structures: Power Stations, Nuclear Plants; Electrical Grids "causing massive blackout" , Major American Cities and more this is a very real possible! Should this happen it is not will our children have a better future then we did, it will be will our children have a future?


We are at  War against ISIL- We have never seen such a Dangerous Enemy! The Obama Adminisration needs as many experienced staff with Military experience like Jack Shepard as he can find.

 Jack Shepard has over 2+ decades of on the ground counter-terrorism experience dealing face to face with leaders of almost every Muslim Country in The Middle East!

 The world urgently needs the 2 State Solution of Israel & Palestine living in Peace, to stop ISIL from using the Gaza situation as the main basis for their massive recruiting; since the last Israeli Attack on Gaza; ISIL has recruited more Young Radical Terrorist vowing to destroy Americans and America; then any Group has in the 20 years before the Israeli massive disproporationate response to Hamas military out of desperation after 7 years of being locked up and forgotten fire missiles which are nothing like the Israeli using our American most modern military jet fighters to drop 100's of ton of bombs on populated areas- see what I mean!

It is not the truth what the main stream media spins you;  it was only after the massacres by the Israei's IDF and it's massively disproportionate response of Killing 2,200 Palestinian Civilians; then the Social Networking lead the now Radicalize Terrorists how to get to Iraq and Syria.

Since the last Israeli attack on Gaza; which Israel still for over 7 years has keep over 2 million Palestinians, living below the poverty line with 50% of them being children living in Gaza locked in to what is really a man made humanitarian disater which is really an outside closed prison" Isreali using American supplied weapons Killing 2,200 Palestinians "500" children living in Gaza and destroying 8 billion dollars of infrastructure from the last electric power station to over 16,000 homes; that is why teh Muslim Youth become Radicalized and wish to kill and destroy America.

I would be instrumental in accomplishing this because for decades I have keep in direct contact with every Palestinian Faction.

I have personally meet with the leaders of every Palestinian faction "all dreaming for decades for Peace"  in the Middle East even in Gaza.

Jack Shepard has watched in shock that for decades the Israeli Lobby Aipac.org demands a gift of alway over 3 Billion Dollars yearly from of our American taxpayers money and gets it with the almost 100% approval of every U.S. Senator and member of the U.S. House of Representatives!

Jack Shepard would still guarantee that if Israel was ever attacked America would use every military weapon that we have to defend and protect Israel as he works with President Obama to reshape the Israeli-American relationship.

Especially in America's present slow economic recovery any request that Israel would request for aid would have to include for what specific use; and if we Loan or give Israel any further aid it would come with strings that the Israeli Prime Minister would  have to 100% respect the demands of our present and future American Presidents and response to their requests; exactly how the money should and should not be used.

If you are concerned about Jack Shepard’s 32 year arson charge of burn himself up alive, according to the University of Minnesota Medical School it was caused by court error that almost killed him; if President Obama decides being we are at a time of war and individuals with military training and decades of experience in the Middle East like Jack Shepard are urgently needed, it will very quickly dismissed.

What happened to Dr. Shepard is explained by a Letter by a Professor from the University of Minnesota Medical School. Click below:http://www.jackshepard.net/why-if-i-get-elected-i-can-come-home.html

More Urgent is to better understand the danger of the situation America presently faces is for our very survival !

Click below:http://www.jackshepard.net/if-you-don-t-write-in-jack-shepard-terrorist-will-destory-usa.html

Before we can have world peace we must have Middle East Peace; which only can happen if the Radical Netanyahu Government works with Presidents Obama to create Palestine. Netanyahu is a mass murder of thousands of Palestinian Men, Women and Children. I know how to deal with Netanyahu and end his Israeli Lobby 100% control of our U.S. Congress.

That if you are a Black Minnesotan living in Hennepin County you are 11.5 times more likely to be sent to Prison, by Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman for the same crime then a White person convicted of the same crime, this is done by unconstitutional Racial Profiling: see my Complaint to the U.S. Department of Justice against Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman.

Saint John Paul II blessing Dr. Jack Shepard

    for his Middle East Peace Efforts.

Been 2 Score and 11 years

since Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King delivered his famous "I Have a Dream Speech" I, Dr. Jack Shepard have that same Dream, as Dr. King who gave his all for us; Now Finally I Pray we soon can stand together and all together say: Finally: "God Almighty, we are free at last" 


Hennepin County Attroney Mike Freemanhas a different dream; he dreams of only arresting of massive numbers of Young Blacks for Marijuana Possession because he has the Minneapolis Police Chief target Black Communities to raise his percentage rate of convictions, if you are Black, you are 11.5 times more likely to be arrest for Marijuana Possession then if you were Whites in Mr. Freeman's Hennepin County", ACLU.

Being poor Blacks who are arrested for Marijuana Possession can't afford an attorney; they are forced to make a plea bargain; County Attorney Freeman is happy he gets another conviction but he does not care that the future for these Black non-violent first time offender is almost completely destroyed becasue Mr. Freeman still sends them to Prison.

In 2016 I pray the Black Community can elect, a new Hennepin County Attorney  "anyone but Mr. Mike Freeman" ! A new Henepin County Attorney; a person who cares more about working with and helping the Black Community and then like Mr. Freeman having a large number of conviction and people sent to prison, to look good for re-election;  even if over 70% of  are Black!

Mr. Mike Freeman is responsible because as the Democratic Hennepin County Attorney he is responsible for all stages of prosecution from the charging decision to the trail.

I personally SUBMITED A COMPLAINT, to the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice against Hennepin County Attorney Mr. Freeman; because the Department of Justice is the Primary Instutition within the Federal Government responsible for enforcing the Federal statues prohibiting discrimination based on Race, Sex, Disability, Religion, and National Origin.

Paid for by The Jack Shepard  for Senate Committee

It's 2 Score and 11 Years since Dr. Martin Luther King’s delivered his

"I have a Dream Speech”

           1)   The Bank of Justice is still bankrupt for Blacks today in our Minnesota's inner cities. (remaining impoverished).

 2) Blacks in Minnesota are expected to and almost demanded to vote  for every Democratic Candidate

and what do they get for their voting for every

Democratic Candidates?

They are given in return a bad check; a check which has come back marked "insufficient funds."

3)  The Democratic Hennepin County Attorney Mr. Freeman;

for the last 8 years ranks as the highest County Attorney in Minnesota and America; for the use of Racial Profilng and Racial Inequity. 

Where Blacks are 9.1 times more likely to be convicted of Marijuana Possession crimes then Whites in Hennepin County!

Jack understands THAT HENNEPIN COUNTY ATTORNEY'S OFFICE the Hennepin County Attorney's office ( with 1.1 million Minnesotans) is because: Jack has had many shared experiences with members of the Black and Hispanic Communities.

Jack know's that there are no re-entry programs for ex-offenders & very few support programs for ex-offenders & these are mostly run by Church Groups.

As A U.S. Senator; Jack would immediate introduce as his first piece of legislation to offer employers who hire ex-offenders massive tax breaks; so much so that when employers look to hire employees they would be literlly looking to first to hire ex-offenders first as much to give then a real 2nd chance; as to get at least 2 years of massive tax advantages these new employers would receive for hiring an ex-offender.

Under the present sytem on average about 2/3 of released offenders will return to prison within 2 years because after being released,

they can not find work because being a felon no one will hire them!

Sadly for the Minnesota Taxpayer each offender who returns to prison costs the Minnesota taxpayer $32,000 a year.

Jack's way is the better way, the ex-offender gets work and pays taxes and the taxpayers of Minnesota save 10's millions of dollars, the cost of placing mostly non-violent Black and Hispanic Prisoners in Prison.

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Police crowd control Ferguson,

Missouri or Baghdad

May God Dam Israel to Hell for letting 2,996 Americans die on in the Twin Towers on 9/11 because Israel knew it was going to happen but did not warn America.


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is quoted on hearing the news of 9/11, " It's very good... We'll it's not good. But it will generate immediate sympathy for Israel." So Israel let 2,996 innocent Americans get killed in the Twin Towers to generate immediate sympathy for Israel!

I say God Dam Israel to Hell and if any U.S. Congressman gives any more Billions of American taxpayer money to Israel they should be expelled from Congress  as as Traitors!

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