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It's 2 Score and 11 Years since Dr. Martin Luther King’s delivered his

"I have a Dream Speech”

           1)   The Bank of Justice is still bankrupt for Blacks today in our Minnesota's inner cities. (remaining impoverished).

 2) Blacks in Minnesota are expected to and almost demanded to vote  for every Democratic Candidate and what do they get for their voting for every Democratic Candidates?

They are given in return a bad check; a check which has come back marked "insufficient funds."

3)  The Democratic Hennepin County Attorney Mr. Freeman;

for the last 8 years ranks as the highest County Attorney in Minnesota and America; for the use of Racial Profilng and Racial Inequity. 

Where Blacks are 9.1 times more likely to be convicted of Marijuana Possession crimes then Whites in Hennepin County!

Jack understands THAT HENNEPIN COUNTY ATTORNEY'S OFFICE the Hennepin County Attorney's office ( with 1.1 million Minnesotans) is because: Jack has had many shared experiences with members of the Black and Hispanic Communities.

Jack know's that there are no re-entry programs for ex-offenders & very few support programs for ex-offenders & these are mostly run by Church Groups.

As A U.S. Senator; Jack would immediate introduce as his first piece of legislation to offer employers who hire ex-offenders massive tax breaks; so much so that when employers look to hire employees they would be literlly looking to first to hire ex-offenders first as much to give then a real 2nd chance; as to get at least 2 years of massive tax advantages these new employers would receive for hiring an ex-offender.

Under the present stsyem on average about 2/3 of released offenders will return to prison within 2 years because after being released,

they can not find work because being a felon no one will hire them!

Sadly for the Minnesota Taxpayer each offender who returns to prison costs the Minnesota taxpayer $32,000 a year.

Jack's way is the better way, the ex-offender gets work and pays taxes and the tax payer of Minnesota save 10's millions of dollars, the cost of placing mostly non-violent Black and Hispanic Prisoners in Prison.

Hennepin County Attorney Mr. Freeman has Minnesota's highest County Ratio

 of  Racial Disparity a CRIMINAL violation of the law (42 U,S.C.§14141)

For Racial Profiling and Racial Inequality.

where Black's in Hennepin County are 9.1 times  more likely to be convicted of Marijuana Crimes then Whites;This is the highest Black to White Conviction Ratio of any county in Minnesota or America!

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Why  Jack Shepard must win the Aug. 12, Primary Election for the U.S. Senate from the "Independence Party"

to get the Massive Media Coverage needed to expose the decades of Racial Profiling and Inequality the Black, Native American and Hispanic Communities have suffered in especially Hennepin County; then in Nov. 4 General Election if you wish vote for Al Franken it's's O.K. 

"But I have to win my Independence Primary I will get the massive media attention to expose the Racial Disparity that Blacks, Native Americans and Hispanics especially in Hennepin County have suffered"

by making Racial Inequity, Racial Profiling and the Legalization of Marijuana in Minneosta the main issues in my campaigning leading up to the Nov. 4, General Election.


THAT IS THE REASON I MUST WIN MY PRIMARY: for the U.S. Senate in the Independence Party Primary  "My name  Jack Shepard is in the first row at the top of Ballot" because it is the only way to give me,  JACK SHEPARD  a Massive Political Platform of Media Interest so I will be heard and what I say will published as a U.S. Senate Candidate!


I will question how is it possible that if you are Black & live in  Hennepin County are you 9.1 times more likely to be convicted and sent to Prison then a White Person, for the same crime, Possession of Mariujana by Democratic Hennepin County Attorney Mr. Freeman.

Only by Making it Public that Hennepin County has the highest percent of over 9 Black's are convicted and sent to prison then any county in America; for the same crime, Possession of Marijunana  & Mr. Freeman is responsible because as the Democratic Hennepin County Attorney he is responsible for all stages of prosecution from the charging decision to the trial.

ONLY if I win my "Independence Party" Primary Election for the U.S. Senate on August 12:  I will have Platform as a U.S. Seante Canddiate to get the Massive Media Attention to  speak on Radio, TV and do Newspaper interviews about the Racial Inequality and Racial Profilling in Hennepin County of Black's, Native Americans, and Hispanics continues.

I have contacted the Office of the Attorney General Eric Holder and have all the Documents neccessary to SUBMIT A COMPLAINT, to the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice against Hennepin County Attorney Mr. Freeman; because the Department of Justice is the Primary Instutition within the Federal Government responsible for enforcing the Federal statues prohibiting discrimination based on Race, Sex, Disability, Religion, and National Origin.

It has been 2 Score and 11 years since Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King delivered his famous "I Have a Dream Speech" I, Dr. Jack Shepard have that same Dream, as Dr. King who gave his all for us; Now Finally I Pray we soon can stand together and all together say: Finally: "God Almighty, we are free at last"