Better to Write-in for U.S. Senator

  Jack "the GOOD" Shepard the only U.S. Senator Candidate

 who is only "100% Loyal to U.S.A." & critical of 100% control of our Senate!


Don't elect another " Sheep"as our next U.S. Senator who will vote as the Israeli Lobby demands; to give Israel over 3 billion dollars every year: which Isreal uses to kill Palestinians, and to steal their land to build

settlements on- with by threatening of Senator if they don't support everything the Isreali Lobby demands

 then promises them they'll will never get re-elected!

Click to see videos of removing Rep. Cynthia McKinney & Rep. Earl Hillard from office

Presently all our 100 U.S. Senators are " sheep" all voting with100% loyality to the demands of th Israeli Lobby:

"Simply said presently America's Middle East Foreign Policy is written & controlled by the Israeli Government"  "That's why every Muslim  hates every American & they blame America for the decades of Israeli Genocide  of the Palestinian people & the 1000's of settlements of Israel is building on the Palestinian Land.



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  • Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You4:34

It's 2 Score and 11 Years since Dr. Martin Luther King’s delivered his

"I have a Dream Speech”

           1)   The Bank of Justice is still bankrupt for Blacks today in our Minnesota's inner cities. (remaining impoverished).

 2) Blacks in Minnesota are expected to and almost demanded to vote  for every Democratic Candidate

and what do they get for their voting for every

Democratic Candidates?

They are given in return a bad check; a check which has come back marked "insufficient funds."

3)  The Democratic Hennepin County Attorney Mr. Freeman;

for the last 8 years ranks as the highest County Attorney in Minnesota and America; for the use of Racial Profilng and Racial Inequity. 

Where Blacks are 9.1 times more likely to be convicted of Marijuana Possession crimes then Whites in Hennepin County!

Jack understands THAT HENNEPIN COUNTY ATTORNEY'S OFFICE the Hennepin County Attorney's office ( with 1.1 million Minnesotans) is because: Jack has had many shared experiences with members of the Black and Hispanic Communities.

Jack know's that there are no re-entry programs for ex-offenders & very few support programs for ex-offenders & these are mostly run by Church Groups.

As A U.S. Senator; Jack would immediate introduce as his first piece of legislation to offer employers who hire ex-offenders massive tax breaks; so much so that when employers look to hire employees they would be literlly looking to first to hire ex-offenders first as much to give then a real 2nd chance; as to get at least 2 years of massive tax advantages these new employers would receive for hiring an ex-offender.

Under the present stsyem on average about 2/3 of released offenders will return to prison within 2 years because after being released,

they can not find work because being a felon no one will hire them!

Sadly for the Minnesota Taxpayer each offender who returns to prison costs the Minnesota taxpayer $32,000 a year.

Jack's way is the better way, the ex-offender gets work and pays taxes and the taxpayers of Minnesota save 10's millions of dollars, the cost of placing mostly non-violent Black and Hispanic Prisoners in Prison.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman a Democrat has the highest County disparity Black/White Ratio in Minnesota and the 5th highest in the America.

 a CIVIL & CRIMINAL violation of the law (42 U,S.C.§14141)

For Racial Profiling and Racial Inequality.

where Black's in Hennepin County are 9.1 times  more likely to be convicted of Marijuana Crimes then Whites;This is the 5th highest Black to White Conviction Ratio of any county in America!

Paid for by The Jack Shepard  for Senate Committee

Senator Al Franken’s IS "'s #1 Sheep" voting 100% for what ever the Israeli lobby wishes especially to give Israel over 3 Billion Dollars yearly & 200 million dollars bonus & he voted with The most unpopular U.S. Senator Harry Reid 97%

has a very difficult

re-election challenge! 

  • because Al Franken  voted with a VERY unpopular Senator Harry Reid 99% of the time the last 2 years & voted same as Sen. Reid 97% of the time in his first years in the Senate!

  •  Sen. Al Franken even cast the crucial vote to pass the job-Killing Medical Device Tax; Over 1,000 Minnesotans have lost their jobs in the medical device industry since Sen. Franken voted the Medical Device Tax into law! 

  • The vote the that passed Medical Device Tax was bad for Minnesota much worst is Senator Al Franken 100% voting record for everything that the Israeli Lobby, wished, with the actually writing the text for their bills that Senator Franken actually Voted for and passed 100% of the time in the U.S. Senate.

  • Senator Franken is more loyal to the Israeli Lobby then America!

  • Many of the bills that prepared and the Sen. Al Franken voted for has MADE America  the #1 target of Islamic terrorism; ISIS  because of, America is blamed and targeted for all the Humanitarian crimes of Isreal like the over 7 year Blockcade of Gaza and more recently the Resolution which passed the Senate unanimously giving Isreal the green light for Israel to massacre 2,200 Palestinian "500" children and do over 8 billion dollars in infrasturture destruction and 18,000 homes!

  • Senator Franken's reelection stratedgy is to avoid talking about an issues becasue his doesn't have any to talk about, example when asked by Mr. Kraushaar of the National Journal who flew in to Minnesota to interview Sen. Franken at the State Fair Al Franken just dodged the question: Mr. Kraushaar asked how do you rated Obama's handling of the economy. I can't do that briefly, we have to run & disrespectfully just drove off  with his driver without answering!


During the election I will expose the decades of Racial Profiling and Inequality the Black, Native American and Hispanic Communities have suffered in especially Hennepin County; until the Nov. 4 General Election 

" If you support the same freedom and justice what Dr. King gave his life for then write-in Jack Shepard in the empty space under U.S. Senator, " if any" and fill in the circle."

Only by Making it Public that Hennepin County has the highest percent of over 9.1 Black's are convicted and sent to prison then any county in Minnesota; and the 5th highest in America for the same crime, Possession of Marijuana  & Mr. Freeman is responsible because as the Democratic Hennepin County Attorney he is responsible for all stages of prosecution from the charging decision to the trial.

I am going to try to  speak on Radio, TV and do Newspaper interviews about the Racial Inequality and Racial Profilling in Hennepin County of Black's, Native Americans, and Hispanics continue to suffer in Hennepin County today, 50% worse then when Freeman took office!

I have contacted the Office of the Attorney General Eric Holder and have all the Documents neccessary to SUBMIT A COMPLAINT, to the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice against Hennepin County Attorney Mr. Freeman; because the Department of Justice is the Primary Instutition within the Federal Government responsible for enforcing the Federal statues prohibiting discrimination based on Race, Sex, Disability, Religion, and National Origin.

It has been 2 Score and 11 years since Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King delivered his famous "I Have a Dream Speech" I, Dr. Jack Shepard have that same Dream, as Dr. King who gave his all for us; Now Finally I Pray we soon can stand together and all together say: Finally: "God Almighty, we are free at last" 

But Democratic Hennepin County Attroney Mike Freeman has a different dream; the more targeted arrests of Young Blacks by targeting Black Communities the better Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman Conviction & sent to Prison rate looks!




If you know Al Franken wouldn't do a thing for 6 years & voted 99% with Unpopular Sen. Harry Reid

would you have voted for Al Franken->NO!


Old habits are hard to break; here Senator Franken is seen holding 2 Traffic  Cones to his chest to mimic Breasts a "thoughtless moment" or just a reflex after  decades of Insulting women weekly on SNL on T.V.

  • Senator Al Franken is a Dam Hypocrite he has tried every drug but to get votes he offically stated he is against legalizing Marijuana in Minnesota

  • Al Franken used not just Mariujana ; he did his best writing work while tripping on Acid, Al is quoted as saying, “ After doing so much cocaine it’s a miracle I am not an addict” Tell that to shrink and can you imagine how he would answer. It’s a joke Senator Franken demand the Blacks vote for him but does not say a word to try to stop his Democratic colleague Democratic Hennepin County Prosecutor Mike Freeman from targeted arrests of Young Blacks by targeting Black Communities so the Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman Convictions & Sends to Prison 9.1 Black for every 1 white so convictions look great and the police Precincts get massive added federal funding for each arrest-Franken and Freeman are both hypocrites; if you are Black vote Franken but Hennepin County having the 5th highest racial disparity in America.

       Senator Al Franken is a Dam Hypocrite

he has used every type of drug for decades!

 But still said he "What's Marijuana to stay illegal" so your his Black Kids can go to prison for some Marijuana?

Al used not only pot; Al Franken  did his best writing work while tripping on Acid, Al is quoted as saying, “ After doing so much cocaine it’s a miracle I am not an addict” Tell that to shrink and can you imagine how he would answer. Al Franken never changed to a U.S. Senator he hide for 6 years and remained a JOKE!

Jack Shepard write-in for U.S. Senator & fights to stop Black Racial Profiling in Hennepin County so the Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman Convictions & Sends to Prison 9.1 Black for every 1 white so convictions look great and the police Precincts get massive added federal funding for each arrest.

Jack Shepard write-in for U.S. Senator he will fights to stop Black Racial Profiling in Hennepin County. Senator Al Franken only cares that he gets your Black Democratic vote and does nothing to try to stop his friend and colleague Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman from targeting your Black Kids and targeting your black Neighborhoods with unconstitutional stops and searches Franken and Freeman are both hypocrites; if you are Black and you vote for Al Franken you are just being taken for a ride- do we have to wait until a young Black teenager gets shot in the head while holding his hands in the air and saying don't shoot for the Black Community to wake-up.You let Democratic Hennepin County have the highest racial disparity of any county in Minnesota and has the 5th highest racial disparity of any county in America; due to the unconstitutional policies of Hennepin Counties Democratic Attorney!!!

Dr. Shepard's Papal Blessing by Saint John Paul II for his Peace Efforts.

   Don't  re-elect  Israel's's  #1 agent "Sheep" named

Sen. Al Franken


My fellow Minnesotans it's Dangerous to elect a Senator who works 1st for the best interests of Israel, named Al Franken who really does Isreal's bidding on the floor of the Senate because the Israeli Lobby can guarantee Sen. Al Franken's re-election- only if he votes for Israel's yearly $3 Billion Gift! Sen. Franken often presents bills written by ; the Israeli Lobby on our U. S. Senate floor for a vote. Is that treason? 

9/11 & all other terrorist attack against America were motivated by 100's Israeli writting Bills pass by our Congress & our U.N. vetoes of Israeli genocide!

This makes Sen. Franken the #1 recruiter for ISIL because the recent Bill written by Israel's lobby that he sponsored for ISRAEL Endorsed Israels genocide to kill 2,148 Gazans;  destroy $7.8 Billion in infrastruture making Young Muslims fume; so SENATOR FRANKEN'S Bills written by Israel have Motatived 1000’s Young Muslims to join ISIL !

The reporter Mr. Kraushaar said

"Senator Franken’s reelection Strategy is called Dodge the Press until he can RunOut the Clock until Election Day; when you have no accomplishments like Senator Franken, he will have to Filibuster the Press to get reelected."

Presently America's entire Congress & Senate 

are controlled by;

the Israeli Lobby through money &  threats which is an illegal to have a foreign country,

Israel can't  legally have a lobby & control our Congress which is the Israeli Lobby.

That’s why USA is #1 terrorist target,

America is blamed for the Genocide that Israeli leadership orders the IDF to kill thousands of

Palestinian Men, Women and Children Civilians with American weapons.

This has placed America in grave danger; as a soft target with our open unprotected borders.

Minnesota Voters trying to talk to Sen. Franken demanding that America stop supporting, and giving $3 Billion in taxpayer money to Israel every year to  arming the Israel IDF who one month ago used it to kill over 2,200 Palestinian Men, Women and Children in Gaza and to cause over $8 billion in destruction. 

This massacre of civilians in Gaza is used as a terrorist recruiting tool which even recruited a few weeks ago 2 Somali Minnesota girl to join ISIL in Syria.

That if you are Black you are 9 times more likely to go to Prison in Hennepin County for the same crime then a White person.